Distance Learning

Distance Treatment


The primary focus of distance treatment is to provide individuals with barriers to regular attendence in substance abuse treatment programs, such as transportation, day care, physical and psychological concerns, an alternate opportunity to reach their personal recovery goals. 

To qualify for participation in distance treatment there are specific conditions which are necessary to meet. You have to have been recommended through a substance abuse assessment and admitted into Extended Outpatient Treatment or Intensive Outpatient Treatment services; orientated to the program and agreed to random drug testing.

Additionally, Extended Outpatient individuals will be required to attend a minimum of two face to face sessions monthly with your primary counselor and Intensive Outpatient individuals will be required to attend one face to face session weekly with primary counselor.

Alternate arrangement can be made with your primary clinican based on your needs.

Non-adherence to the requirements may prevent further participation. 

To learn more about distance learning please contact our Administrative Office at 712-243-5091.


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