Residential Treatment

What to Bring (PDF)

Residential Services (3.3/3.5):  The residential modality is to assist individuals and families in a safe, therapeutic living environment in which to learn more about their behavioral health related concerns, strategies for relapse prevention; interpersonal, social, and life skills necessary to form productive personal relationships, career/work/educational opportunities, and exposure to community based support systems.

The goals are for the individual to establish long-term recovery beyond discharge from services through development and utilization of a comprehensive aftercare plan which can incorporate the emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual and financial wellbeing of the individual.

Individuals engaged in the residential program modality have individualized treatment plans and/or case management plans that assist individuals in maintaining sobriety and developing self-supportive, independent lives, conducted within a minimum of 50 hours therapeutic individual/group/family counseling.

Our residential treatment program, located in Clarinda, Iowa, is designed to promote abstinence from substance use and look at positive productive changes in the patient's lifestyle, attitudes and values.

The duration of participation at this level depends on the patient's progress, but is generally a minimum of 28-45 days in this highly structured 24/7 environment.

Counseling is performed individually and in small groups. Special attention is given to developing a relapse prevention strategy and aftercare plan individually tailored for each person's unique personality and circumstances.

Treatment includes:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Stage of Change
  • Co-Occurring
  • Complete Aftercare planning
  • Skills development groups
  • Group Achievement
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Family/Couple Counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral/problem solving groups


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