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ZION Recovery Services offers integrated comprehensive treatment services and levels of participation to meet an individual’s changing needs as they move through treatment and recovery. The agency’s delivery system includes clinical services within the Extended Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Continuing Care levels  in our eight (8) outpatient sites, and one Adult Male Inpatient/Halfway Housing Facility.   Furthermore, staff are trained in delivering problem gambling counseling Dallas County office locations.

Agency staff regards treatment planning to be individual-centered and developed in conjunction with the individual and counselor to identify and mutually agreed upon the priority of needs, concerns, and goals the individual aspires to work on.

Individuals are encouraged and offered the opportunity by staff to incorporate the support of family members or concerned others in their therapeutic activities from onset of participating in services to discharge. Staff strives to inspire engaging family or concerned others in conjunction with self-help group involvement throughout treatment participation to assist with building a firm recovery network for the individual throughout recovery efforts.

Additionally, ZION Recovery Services offers an unique program called Access To Recovery to assist individuals with positive recovery.  Focus is to remove day to day barriers.  Contact staff for further eligiblity for this program.

Programs & Services
Drug Testing
Extended Outpatient
Intensive Outpatient
Residential Treatment
Halfway House
Access To Recovery
Distance Learning
Anger Management
Parenting Classess
DUI Course
Seeking Safety
Building Blocks

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