About ZION Recovery Services, Inc.

Mission Statement:

To explore, develop, and sustain healthier lifestyle choices by working with individuals, families, and communities affected by behavioral health issues.

Our Philosophy:

Zion Recovery Services is a person centered organization that instills vital life skills in those we serve by maximizing the ability to develop and maintain healthy alternatives through prevention and treatment services.
We strive to provide services designed to empower those we serve by utilizing a recovery oriented system of care that allows us to implement proven standards and practices designed to enrich individual wellbeing. We value collaboration and partnerships that allow us to effectively meet the needs of those we serve. 

The Values:

Zion Recovery Services embraces values of respect, honesty, and integrity in interacting with customers and community. We present a welcoming, safe, and confidential environment while protecting dignity and safeguarding confidentiality. The organization is invested in commitment to staff development, professionalism and meeting the needs of our customers. Principals Adhered To:

Integrity Respect Honesty Commitment


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